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Our Story

Wildebeest Delivery LLC was established in May 2019 as a part of the Amazon Delivery Service Partner program. This program encourages an entrepreneurial spirit which is exactly what Lisa has in spades! Lisa has spent her career leading and developing high functioning call center teams. These talents and experiences make for a winning team!

What We Do

Wildebeest Delivery LLC is owned and operated by Lisa Dimin. We believe that every person should have the opportunity to work at a company that puts its employees first. Having spent many years in the customer service and training industries, Lisa believes that by putting their employees first, they will in turn want to come to work each day and, most importantly, choose to put the customer first in their daily interactions.

Our culture is one where there is a commitment to doing good work each and every day. We encourage our employees to care about their customers and co-workers and to celebrate the achievements that they experience both personally and professionally.

Our core values, shown below, are the pillars to our business. If these pillars are followed each and every day, we can reach our ultimate goal for everyone with Wildebeest: 

Packaging Factory


Treat your customers and co-workers with respect and kindness and they will do the same! 

Red Roof


Communicate openly and honestly with your peers and management. We're all part of a team and will help each other anyway possible!

Delivery Van


Be accountable for your work each shift. As part of a team, everyone is counting on you and you're counting on them. 

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We're always looking for people who want to join the team!

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